Herby Olschewski

I’ve used many software products over the course of my 40+ years as a computer geek, and career IT systems manager. Not to mention the multitude of hardware, from mainframes to personal computers, along the way. Living on the bleeding edge of technology requires a fine balance of staying with what works, and maybe switching to something new. I don’t necessarily use what the mainstream dictates. I try several, then settle down to use, the tools that work for me. Here’s a changing list of the various software, hardware, products and SaaS services that constitute my technology stack. For a more detailed insight, see how I use them with ZaGenie.

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Over the years, I’ve developed a sophisticated set of tools, logically grouped and readily at hand. Not unlike the garage of a smart mechanic. Everything is neatly arranged in drawers and hung on the wall. Organized and easily reached. A cluttered workshop inevitably leads to frustration, lost time and shoddy work. It has taken me many years to figure it all out and come up with a system and workflow… that works. I’ve consolidated everything I know into a suite of resources called ZaGenie (ZA being the ISO country code for South Africa and the quintessential Genie). It’s a complete productivity plan and instant helping hand with technology… exactly when you need it!

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