Herby Olschewski

I have used many software products over the course of my 40+ years as a computer geek, and IT systems manager. Living on the bleeding edge of technology requires a fine balance of staying with what works, and maybe switching to something new. I don’t necessarily use what the mainstream dictates. I try several, then settle down to use the tools that work for me. The software, hardware, products and services that constitute my personal technology stack are incorporated into ZaGenie.

Over the years, I have developed a sophisticated set of tools, logically grouped and readily at hand. Not unlike the garage of a smart mechanic. Everything is neatly arranged in drawers and hung on the wall. Organized and easily reached. A cluttered workshop inevitably leads to frustration, lost time, and shoddy work. It has taken many years to figure it all out and come up with a system that works well. I’ve consolidated everything I know into a suite of resources called ZaGenie (ZA is the ISO country code for South Africa, and the quintessential Genie). It is a complete productivity plan, and helping hand to take the frustration out of technology. I gladly make my technology toolkit public.

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