Herby Olschewski


  • 12 March 1963   Johannesburg, South Africa.

Pisces. A born dreamer, compulsive creator, eternal optimist, and never-give-up attitude.


  • 1969-75   Potchefstroom Central Primary.
  • 1976-80   Potchefstroom High School for Boys.

Head boy of both primary and high schools. Not academically gifted. Lazily lucky to pass.

National Service.

  • 1981   South African Army Gymnasium.
  • 1982   North West Command Signal Unit HQ.
  • 1983-86   South African Defence Force Reserve.

Trucked off to national service at the age of 17. Aged 60 years, within just 6 years of military.

Bankorp Data (Trust Bank of Africa).

  • 1983   Mainframe Computer Operator.

Managing Burroughs B5900 and IBM 3031 mainframes. Compiling COBOL with paper punch cards.

Prospect 2000 Computer Services, South Africa.

  • 1983 – 86   Owner & Operator.

Imported the first MAC and IBM personal computers into South Africa. Digital accounting for clients.

Proboma Computer Services, South Africa.

  • 1984   Computer Bureau Manager.
  • 1985   Computer Sales Executive.

Managed a team of operators using DEC PDP 11/44s, with 300 baud leased lines to distant clients.

Plessey, South Africa.

  • 1986   Sales Executive.

Selling Plessey K2 telephone switchboards, and integrating national computer networks, using ISDN.

Nottingham Building Society, United Kingdom.

  • 1987   Mainframe Computer Operator.

Backpacking through Europe, ran out of money, and resorted to working as a computer contractor.

Coca Cola Cadbury Schweppes, United Kingdom.

  • 1987   Computer Systems Operator.

Contract to help with the ITC merger of two large companies, one using DEC Vax, and the other IBM.

Diners Club International, United Kingdom.

  • 1988   Computer Systems Operator.

Contract to consolidate a cluster of IBM/36 computers, and get them to talk to merchants in the UK.

Quorum Computer Professionals, Europe.

  • 1987-94   Owner & Consultant.

Discovered the agency was making the real money, so started my own agency, with 18+ contractors.

Digital Equipment Corporation, France/Switzerland.

  • 1989   Computer Centre Operator.
  • 1990   Business & Systems Architecture.
  • 1992-94   DEC Geneva, European HQ.

Contract gig that culminated in running the Digital Business & Systems Architecture program office.

Philips SME, United Kingdom.

  • 1993   Computer Systems Consultant.

Short contract to amalgamate various business processes and implement new computer systems.

Sir Herbert’s Flying Circus, Europe.

  • 1989 – 1998   Owner & Pilot.

Bought a plane, and flew over a thousand people on pleasure flights in the Alps, and around Europe.

The Cyber Chateau, France.

  • 1993-98   Internet Training.

Bought a chateau, and created a conference centre, offering the first Internet courses in France.

Internet Commerce Centres, Global.

  • 1995-98   Internet Franchise.
  • 1995-98   Internet Café Geneva.

Relocated training to the ICC Building in Geneva, Switzerland, serving various UN organizations.

AffiliateFORCE Seminars, United States.

  • 1999   Affiliate Marketing Consulting & Training.
  • 2000   AffiliateFORCE Conference – Miami, Florida.
  • 2001-03   Affiliate Marketing Workshops & Cruises.

Moved to the United States to ride the Dot Com wave, and focused mainly on affiliate marketing.

Internet Affiliate Marketing Association, Global.

  • 1999-2005   Keeping It Fair In Revenue Share.

A failed attempt to set the ethics and standards for affiliate marketing. Like herding feral cats.

AmbiTech Solutions, South Africa.

  • 2004-12   Managed Services Provider.

Moved back to South Africa, started from scratch, and built a thriving computer company.

Nature Conservation, South Africa.

  • 2012-15   Limpopo Province.

Retired at the age of 50, and spent three years in the African Bush, fighting the evils of poaching.


Present day…

ZaGenie MSP, Global.

  • 2016-Present   Managed Services Provider.

Capitalizing on 40+ years purveying Information Technology, and harnessing all of our associated Intellectual property, I’m the CEO of a low-key, boutique MSP. A progressive company that provides managed services for a select clientele. Living on the bleeding edge of new technologies, so that my clients don’t have to. I provide high level consultancy to select entities. There when you need me!

RapidSky Aviation Solutions, Global.

  • 2023-Present   Based at Shoreham Airport, United Kingdom.

As a pilot my thoughts are always in the sky. I find myself at the threshold of another fulfilling career, in general aviation. Using my 40+ years of business experience, the objective is to provide a suite of aviation solutions, that primarily suit my own needs. In the process, helping fellow pilots, aerospace companies, and interested parties, experience the freedom of the skies. The key to aviation synergy.

RapidSky Helicopters, Global.

  • 2023-Present   Based at Shoreham Airport, United Kingdom.

Narrowing the flying focus to rotorcraft, this division specializes in gyrocopter, helicopters and VTOL vehicles. Facilitating a choice of experimental through to certified machines, we provide a turnkey service, whereby a prospective owner starts with a dream, and ends up with the actual key in hand. Helicopter ownership need not be a daunting prospect. We help guide buyers to the right rotorcraft.