Herby Olschewski

Erstwhile product of South Africa, child of 1963 and privileged to live through exciting times, especially when it comes to global communication. My first exposure to the Internet was in 1981, transmitting messages at 300 baud via packet radio to online bulletin boards. Ham radio triggered the desire to see the world and I’ve travelled since the age of 23. A digital nomad and global village citizen, living in several countries. I was fortunate to be working in Geneva, Switzerland at the very birth of the World Wide Web. Hooked from the start, establishing a training institution and Internet café in the early 1990’s. Capitalist by nature, I fell naturally into the realm of e-commerce and became a disciple of affiliate marketing circa 1996. Pay for performance is the basis of almost everything I do. It makes more cents, as long as we keep things fair in revenue share.

Professionally I’m best described as a computer systems manager of 35+ years experience, underpinned with spells of grape picking, tulip farming, house painting, general handyman, game ranger and occasional pet sitter. I’m also a commercial pilot.

Been there, done that. Doing it all over again. Here is a long story short…


  • Having been around for over half a century, there is a résumé.
  • While now retired, I’m busier than ever with various projects.
  • I express my thoughts, ideas and goals in my online blogs.
  • Jack of all trades, master of none, I have a varied skill set.
  • Always happy to share my plans, mind maps and toolkit.
  • I’m a digital nomad, guided by a global events calendar.
  • Introduce yourself by adding your details to my CRM.
  • If you’d like to meet and/or discuss, make contact.
  • For assistance, reach out to my support team.

Raison d’être…

Like most people, I’ve lived a life of ups and down, failures and defeat. Setbacks are inevitable… to know that the taste of success is sweet. The desire to get ahead and make a difference. Lucky are those that find their raison d’être. In the first half of my life I never did, despite doing quite a bit. It was not for the lack of setting goals. I always wanted to retire before the age of 50… and that I did. Sold up everything and went into the African Bush. Three years of voluntary nature conservation, witnessing first hand the stupidity of man, hacking off the horn of our future and destroying this planet. We’re losing the battle on the ground, but the war is not over yet. I can do more on a higher online plane. With heavy heart but clear vision, I put out the camp fire, packed a bag and left to travel the world again. I’m back…

Herby Olschewski Nature Conservation

The biggest benefit of the time away from the maddening crowd… it gave me time to think. Reflecting on lessons learned, memories made and wisdom stored. Sharing is caring… and the world needs more of that.

My current projects help…


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