Herby Olschewski

Weaving with words is what I enjoy most. Transcribing thoughts, ideas and dreams into long lines of vibrant vocabulary. Moulding meaningful words into poignant paragraphs… that may help others learn and grow. The benefit of hindsight makes it easier to gather the pearls of wisdom in our wake. Stringing those together in a neural necklace for digital display, these blogs are my whimsical window to the world…

Herby Olschewski's Blog

No matter where in the world you are, nor what you do for a living, anyone can infuse and benefit from Ubuntu Synergy. To be more productive, simply call on ZaGenie, there when needed. Explore the world both digitally and for real. Set yourself free… it’s Time To LIVE Your Life! Become a Global Village Citizen. Stay at home or be a Digital Nomad: Travel ~ Live ~ Work ~ Anywhere. Discover places where everyone can “simply be”, such as LevaldigItaly. Make use of private planes, luxury yachts and smarter transportation. Earn extra income, while supporting various causes: Mentor children, rescue cats and dogs, giving them a second chance. Help find sanctuary for abandoned horses and donkeys. Identify trapped circus animals and liberate zoos. Enjoy the rewards of exclusive holidays and cruises. Learn how to become financially independent, working with ethical partners. Master the art of living freely, join Club SYNERGY! It’s free.

Herby Olschewski

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