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Weaving with words is what I enjoy most. Transcribing thoughts, ideas and dreams into long lines of vibrant vocabulary. Moulding meaningful words into poignant paragraphs… that may help others reflect, learn and grow. The benefit of hindsight makes it easy to gather pearls of wisdom in our past, stringed together in a neural necklace for digital display. See links below. These blogs are my whimsical window to the world…


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Each project has a blog:

Ubuntu Synergy BlogUbuntu Synergy Blog
Herby Olschewski's BlogHerby Olschewski Blog
ZaGenieThe ZaGenie Suite Blog
ZaGenie Safari BlogThe ZaGenie Safari Blog
Time To LIVE Your Life! BlogTime To LIVE Your Life! Blog
Déjà Vu Days 1919-39 BlogDéjà Vu Days (1919-39) Blog
Global Village Citizens BlogGlobal Village Citizens Blog
NOMADSynergy BlogDigital NOMADSynergy Blog
Kingdom LevaldigItaly BlogKingdom LevaldigItaly Blog
Aviation Synergy BlogAviation Synergy Blog
Yachting Synergy BlogYachting Synergy Blog
Vehicle Synergy BlogVehicles Synergy Blog
SkySeaRoadSnow BlogSkySeasRoadSnow Blog
CAUSESynergy BlogCAUSESynergy Blog
KIDSynergy BlogKIDSynergy Blog
PAWSynergy BlogPAWSynergy Blog
PAWSecondChance BlogLost~Found~Adopt Blog
Lost~Found~Adopt BlogPAWSecondChance Blog
HOOVESynergy BlogHOOVESynergy Blog
CIRCUSynergy BlogCIRCUSynergy Blog
ZOOSynergy BlogZOOSynergy Blog
STAYSynergy BlogCRUISESynergy Blog
CRUISESynergy BlogSTAYSynergy Blog
Internet Affiliate Marketing Association Partners Blog

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