Herby Olschewski

Been there, done that… doing it all over again!

Herby Olschewski - Noordhoek - South Africa

Been there, done that… doing it all over again! I’m Herby. With 56 years worth of experience, a varied skillset and refined toolkit, I help people all over the world infuse themselves with Ubuntu Synergy. My approach to life is projected through an alter ego called ZaGenie ~ there when you need me ~ to assist with many things. I’m currently on a worldwide safari and blog my journey. A quest to see if I missed something to add to the bucket list. Round number two. I retired at 50… but then realized… it’s time to LIVE my life!

I’m a global village citizen and digital nomad, able to travel~live~work~anywhere. We’re working towards creating spaces and places, out of this world. Better ways to just be.

My passions are aviation, yachting and smarter transportation. Getting around quicker allows me to be more effective in supporting various causes. I help kids, homeless cats and dogs, using the latest online technology to give them a second chance. We also seek sanctuary for abandoned horses and donkeys. Likewise, wild animals subject to circus captivity and trapped in zoos… galvanize me into action. Let’s get them out of there!

Nomads in the desert go from oasis to oasis, so that’s why we are building a network of homes~away~from~home. Some floating luxury can do no harm either. To make all this happen, requires work and lots of money, otherwise known as financial independence. I practice what I preach and teach accordingly. We build profitable partnerships and always keep it fair in revenue share. We manifest the art of living freely, in Club Synergy. It’s free.

No matter where in the world you are, nor what you do for a living, anyone can infuse and benefit from Ubuntu Synergy. To be more productive, simply call on ZaGenie, there when needed. Explore the world both digitally and for real. Set yourself free… it’s Time To LIVE Your Life! Become a Global Village Citizen. Stay at home or be a Digital Nomad: Travel ~ Live ~ Work ~ Anywhere. Discover places where everyone can “simply be”, such as LevaldigItaly. Make use of private planes, luxury yachts and smarter transportation. Earn extra income, while supporting various causes: Mentor children, rescue cats and dogs, giving them a second chance. Help find sanctuary for abandoned horses and donkeys. Identify trapped circus animals and liberate zoos. Enjoy the rewards of exclusive holidays and cruises. Learn how to become financially independent, working with ethical partners. Master the art of living freely, join Club SYNERGY! It’s free.



“Shoot for the moon. If you miss… you will be among the stars anyway!”


Herby Olschewski with Waco

“Projects are like planes. To get safely to the destination requires thorough planning, pre-flight checks and good cockpit management. Be prepared for inclement weather and turbulence. Have the confidence to fly through anything safely. Don’t just wing it…. PLAN for success… and be the Captain of your life!”  ~ HerbyOlschewski.com

Herby Olschewski - Gulfstream G650

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