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The success of any project depends on the overall happiness of the users!

I have a tenacious team of professionals who assist me with various projects. They help answer questions and resolve issues, To make it easier for us to assist you efficiently, please follow this route to happiness…

  • Step 1 – Consult the Knowledge Base. Check the FAQ, tutorials and support articles.
  • Step 2 – If still struggling, start a chat session to get instant help and some pointers.
  • Step 3 – Submit a ticket if you prefer a more formal response, with tracking number.
  • Step 4 – Contact Herby directly if your issue remains unresolved and still frustrated.

Further down this page, you will find direct links to the Help Desk for specific projects. Simply hit the button and you will be routed directly to the support staff for that project.

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The buck stops here…

Herby Olschewski

If not online, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Contact my support team directly!

Below you will find direct links to the Knowledge Base & Help for specific projects…

ZaGenie HelpdeskZaGenie Help Desk

ZaGenie Safari Help DeskZaGenie Safari Help Desk

Dissulto Help DeskDissulto Help Desk

Global Village Citizens Help DeskGlobal Village Citizens Help Desk

NOMADSynergy Help DeskNOMADSynergy Help Desk

Kingdom LevaldigItaly Help DeskKingdom LevaldigItaly Help Desk

Aviation Synergy Help DeskAviation Synergy Help Desk

Yachting Synergy Help DeskAviation Synergy Help Desk

Vehicle SynergyVehicle Synergy Help Desk

CAUSESynergyCAUSESynergy Help Desk

KIDSynergy Help DeskKIDSynergy Help Desk

PAWSynergy Help DeskPAWSynergy Help Desk

PAWSecondChance Help DeskPAWSecondChance Help Desk

HOOVESynergy Help DeskHOOVESynergy Help Desk

CIRCUSynergy Help DeskCIRCUSynergy Help Desk

ZOOSynergy Help Desk

ZOOSynergy Help Desk

STAYSynergySTAYSynergy Help Desk

CRUISESynergy Help DeskCRUISESynergy Help Desk

AFFILIATESynergy Help DeskAFFILIATESynergy Help Desk Help Help Desk

Club SYNERGY Help DeskClub SYNERGY Help Desk


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