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Herby Olschewski

ICT Strategy Specialist

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Information & Communication Technology

My journey in the tech world began in 1977 when, as a curious teenager, I assembled a computer from circuit board plans. Destiny led me to serve in the signal corps during my military conscription, granting me access to advanced equipment. My first foray into the Internet came in 1982 through an acoustic coupler over HF, sending Morse code packets to distant correspondents—a moment that truly captivated me. The Internet become a passion.

In 1983, I embarked on a professional path as a computer operator at a forward-thinking bank, interacting with medium and mainframe computers. The night shifts provided me unparalleled access to the latest computing technology, including punch card readers. I wrote my very first COBOL program with a financial motive. By the end of that year, I was importing the first Mac and IBM personal computers into South Africa, and by 1984, I was teaching companies how to digitize their accounting systems, effectively launching my first successful business venture.

My global adventures began in 1986, taking me to live in 14 different countries, where I built businesses and offered consultancy services. I played a pivotal role in helping companies of all sizes embrace the Internet, even establishing the first Internet Café in Geneva, Switzerland, around 1994. I also developed an Internet training syllabus that benefited many, including UN organizations such as the ILO and WHO, and various NGOs. I relished in teaching technology.

With a keen interest in online commerce, I delved into affiliate marketing. My move to the United States in 1998 saw me riding the Dot Com boom—and surviving the subsequent crash. This wild era was a significant learning curve. In 2003, I returned to South Africa to establish a successful Managed Services Provider, extending services from Cape Town to North Africa. After selling my business interests and some intellectual property, I retired comfortably at 50, followed by a three-year sabbatical. Walking anti-rhino poaching patrols in Southern Africa.

Returning with a renewed vigor and an insatiable appetite for new technologies, I build upon over 40 years of experience in business and ICT. My expertise spans the entire ICT lifecycle, making me a unique asset as an ICT Strategist. My capabilities range from analyzing code and server clustering to designing complex networks, cloud services, leveraging big data, ensuring security, disaster recovery, and safeguarding against industrial sabotage, with a very strong emphasis on protecting intellectual property. Like rhino poaching, it’s the scourge of the Web.

I am very “hands-on”, managing my own servers and over 50 initiative websites. I’m adept at technical discussions with developers and equally at ease in the boardroom. As an experienced business owner, I guide senior management towards implementing the most efficient, cost-effective ICT strategies, integrating the latest AI advancements. Once the ICT challenges are addressed and optimized, I demonstrate how companies can unlock new revenue streams.



Technical Skillset

Hardware Platforms

  • Burroughs B3900, B5900 & CP95.
  • DEC PDP 11/23, 11/44, Rainbow.
  • DEC VAX 780, 4000, 6000, 8600.
  • IBM 3031/2/3, 4041/2/3, 4341.
  • IBM PC (1983 onwards).
  • IBM System 36 & 38.
  • AT&T 3B2/300/400.
  • ICL DRS20/40.
  • WANG V80.
  • NCR 8575.
  • GEC 4000.

Operating Systems

  • MS-DOS.
  • MCP, DMS.
  • IBM VM, VSE.
  • RSX11M, Plus.
  • VRX, COS, BSC.
  • Windows Server.
  • CPF, DMX.
  • VMS, DCL.


  • Token Ring.
  • Ethernet.
  • DECnet.
  • FDDI.
  • BGP.
  • IS-IS.
  • RIP.
  • OSPF.
  • IGRIP.
  • PRTG.

  • Basic.
  • Dibol.
  • Cobol.
  • Fortran.
  • Assembly.
  • Python.
  • HTML.
  • Ruby.
  • Perl.
  • C++
  • PHP.
  • Rest API.
  • JavaScript.


  • Lotus.
  • dBase.
  • Oracle.
  • MySQL.
  • SQLite.
  • Adabas.
  • MariaDB.
  • IBM Db2.
  • FileMaker.
  • MS Access.
  • PostgreSQL.


  • AutoCAD.
  • Adobe.
  • Corel.
  • GIMP.

DNS Management

  • CloudFlare.
Cloud Services

  • Amazon Web Services.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Microsoft Azure.
  • Google Cloud.
  • IBM Cloud.
  • pCloud.
  • OpenStack.
  • Panorama9.
  • Oracle Cloud.

Server Management

  • WHM/cPanel.
  • ConfigServer.
  • ModSecurity.
  • Various CDN.
  • ManageWP.
  • Litespeed.

Remote Management

  • ZaGenie Suite.
  • Kaseya/AutoTask.

Content Management

  • Raw HTML.
  • FrontPage.
  • Artisteer.
  • Plesk CMS.
  • WordPress.
  • HubSpot CMS.

CRM Systems

  • Salesforce.
  • Mautic CRM.
  • Fluent CRM.
  • HubSpot CRM.