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Been there, done that… doing it all over again!

A product of South Africa, vintage ’63. On the ‘Net since 1982. Roaming the world since 1986. Jack of all trades, master of none. Techie, pilot, digital nomad. Can travel~live~work~anywhere. >>

Been there, done that… doing it all over again!

Weaving with words. Transcribing thoughts and ideas into long lines of vibrant vocabulary. Structuring sentences into poignant paragraphs. This is my whimsical window to the world. >>

I am, because we are. Together.

Combining a salient philosophy of caring and sharing, with the strength of unity and community. We can determine the course of humanity and our destiny, by challenging the digital status quo. >>

I’ll be your guide…

With 40+ years in technology, aviation and extensive travel, this digital nomad has a wealth of experience to share. Helping others navigate the fear of failure and proven pathway to success. >>

There when you need me!

When technology takes too much time, causes frustration and despair, ZaGenie is always there. Proposing proven products and services. Smart solutions to get organized and more productive. >>

All the links when you need them!

A directory of all the web links relevant to Ubuntu Synergy and the related projects. Selected products and services, carefully curated and sorted alphabetically. (Revenue generating links!) >>

There when you see me!

Travelling the world, both online and off, ZaGenie gathers and collates information. Reviewing products and services, interesting places and the means to get there. Come along for the ride! >>

Taking our past into the future!

Anyone can be a Heritage Ambassador. Help take our past into the future. Spread the word and generate revenue. Make heritage your business and earn with your passion for art and culture. >>

Time To LIVE Your Life!

Everyone is entitled to live as they wish. If not content with your current circumstances, move. You are not a tree. Dissulto means to bounce, burst asunder and fly. It’s time to LIVE your life! >>

Good Times Revival 1919-1939

Looking back makes looking forward easier. Revive the good times and banish the bad. Analyse past events and identify mistakes. Let’s learn from history and build a better tomorrow together. >>

Living Without Boundaries!

Country borders are defined by governments. Opinions, fears and prejudices are governed within ourselves. Physically and mentally, true freedom comes from living without boundaries. >>

Travel ~ Live ~ Work ~ Anywhere!

Many are content with existing in just one place. Others are motivated by what lies beyond the next horizon. Living on the edge, learning as they go. The ability to travel~live~work~anywhere. >>

Out of This World!

Imagine a place in the heart of somewhere, yet in the middle of nowhere. Fertile soil, ample water. Views unlimited. Food and wine, steeped in classic history. Welcome to LevaldigItaly. >>

Freedom of The Skies!

In a world gone awry and aerial transportation more difficult, private planes are the way to go. Avoid the complications of airports. Set your own travel agenda. Enjoy the freedom of the skies. >>

Freedom of The Seas!

In this maddening world, there are limited places of tranquillity. Consider the option of some floating luxury on private yachts. Leave the shore and live off the grid. True freedom of the seas. >>

Smarter Transportation!

A long way from the horse and cart, destinations are now further apart. With many ways to get around, the choices are daunting. Explore and analyse the options for smarter transportation. >>


Imagine a machine that can fly, float on water, and drive like a car. It’s also a snowmobile. Take off from a runway, alight on a lake. Ride on roads and ski on snow. Really?. We’re working on it! >>

Charity begins at the cash register!

We create unity with community, recruit affiliates to generate revenue and facilitate events. In a world where donations no longer flow, communities need to tap existing, sustainable resources. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

We borrow the future from our children. Leaving them a worthwhile legacy is imperative. Help secure their tomorrow and mentor younger generations to adopt the principles of ubuntu synergy. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Waking up to an empty plate is not an option, going to bed without food must not happen. Nobody should stomach hunger. Be part of a movement making sure everyone has a meal. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Basic healthcare should be afforded to all. No matter where you live nor what you earn, good health is priceless. Communities are standing together against pandemics and fighting disease. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Everything we need to survive is all around us. From earth to sun, wind and water, renewable energy is there to harvest. Using tried and tested systems, we harness the power of nature. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Soil, water, sun and toil are needed to make things grow. With thoughtful planting and sensible harvesting, we can live of the land. Vegetables, flowers and fruit, every garden has a personality. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Forests are the lungs of the earth. The loss of trees should be a big concern. To breathe with ease, we need to plant more trees. Harvest wood when needed, but then replace twice over. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Without bees there will be no trees, flowers nor food. Every nation needs pollination. No honey no money. Be smart and ensure we don’t get stung. Help our busy friends stay alive and thrive. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Helping homeless cats and dogs, stuck in animal shelters, we speak for our paw-legged friends. Creating unity with community, recruiting affiliates to generate revenue and facilitating events. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Forever homes are not always around the corner. We go the extra aeronautical mile and make sure the pets get there faster and in comfort. Up and away, where there’s a home there’s a way. >>

Find pets faster!

A resource for lost, found and adoptable pets. Using geolocation technology and the reach of social media, everyone, anywhere is empowered to lend a hand and reunite pets with owners. >>

Your chance to give pets a second chance!

Anyone can help find forever homes much faster. Speed up the adoption process by making it easy for prospective owners to pick out pets. This is your chance to give them a second chance! >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Birds play an essential part in nature’s opera. Insect and pest control, without nasty chemicals. Falconry is an effective way to keep airport runways safe. Bird feeders add audio to gardens. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Mighty beasts of burden become powerless when abandoned. Harrowed horses and desperate donkeys are community responsibilities. Saddle up your soul and lend a hand in donkey land. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Crammed into cages and paraded through city and towns, wild animals are NOT clowns. Cruelly forced to perform and entertain, but what about their pain? Throw your hat into the ring here. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Under the guise of conservation and education, zoos are filled with wild animals. Out of natural habitat, inadequate space and often starved. Help stop the naivety and end the cruel captivity. >>

Homes Away From Home!

We’re expanding a portfolio of unique establishments for our discerning membership. Homes away from home. Everything you would expect, no more, no less. You may not want to leave. >>

Exclusive Floating Luxury!

We’re building a fleet of floating luxury. Private yachts, based in discrete and interesting ports. Available to our membership. Free to high achievers. More synergy leads to relaxing rewards. >>

Financial Independence!

There is no harm in hustling hard, no shame in making money. Work smarter and earn more. We share our revenue and show you how. Financial independence is a state of mind. Think rich! >>

Keeping It Fair In Revenue Share!

Affiliate programs consist of good technology, honesty and money. When ethics fail, bad actors do appear. We screen affiliates and identify reputable partners. Keeping it fair in revenue share. >>

Unity ~ Community ~ Affiliates ~ Revenue ~ Events

Meeting virtually or in person, we need to interact. Easily connecting 24/7 online and selected local events. This resource collates various components of Ubuntu Synergy and related topics. >>

The Art of Living Freely!

Like-minded individuals who care and share, creating unity with Ubuntu Synergy. A global community of people who realize “I am, because we are” and practice the art of living freely! >>